Adi Hughes

Room Based

Working from an Integrative background means drawing on several different approaches to ensure you are supported in a way that is individual for you. Whilst my approach is mainly Person Centred, my training was based on and included CBT, Psychodynamic, Transactional Analysis theory which enables me to work in a number of different ways to help process what you are experiencing. Room based sessions run for 50 mins.

Walk and Talk

Counselling outdoors brings a very different approach to traditional counselling work. Working outdoors stimulates our senses and thus allows us to come out of thefocus of our busy minds and into the present. I have found that this alternative approach to counselling allows for more awareness and offers more opportunity to reflect on responses to different environments and situations that we would not have access to in a counselling room. Walk and Talk Therapy begins outdoors but there will be an option to sit alone if we feel it is needed. These sessions last for 50 mins.


Online counselling can be hugely beneficial to those who may find talking face to face uncomfortable or those who simply feel more at ease in their own environment at home. Online counselling has been shown to be more effective for children and teenagers engaging in therapy because the use of technology has become a natural part of their communication. Similar to room-based counselling, I use an integrative approach and the sessions last for 50 mins.